Crafting in this game is different than what you have previously experienced. The player in this game has no inventory and as such, you are not able to created items from your inventory. Items are created in this game by a combination of placing items near each other and having items in your player’s hand near differing items.

Basic CraftingEdit

Basic Crafting List

For example: to build a fire, the player must collect two sticks. This can be done by finding sticks throughout the map or by harvesting a tree. Once you have collected two sticks you must place one of the sticks on the ground and the other must be held in your hand. If you press the build button (B), a fire will be made. This style of crafting is used throughout the game.

Advanced CraftingEdit

Advanced Crafting List

With more advanced recipes, components must first be made. An advanced recipe is any recipe that requires a combination of components or components and resources. Some components have actual use and benefits in the game, others have no use except to be used in crafting recipes. In order to create advanced recipes, you must create components in a certain sequence to have the ability to create the advanced item.