Button Action
W Move up
S Move down
A Move left
D Move right
B Build item
E Primary Use item
Q Secondary Use Item
Space Eat or Drink
V Pick up tool
C Drop tool
G Pick up item
F Drop item
T Pick up torch
R Drop torch
Left Mouse Click Attack

Sickness Edit

The player can gain sickness a number of ways within the game. Eating raw food, drinking water that has not been purified, and being attacked by certain animals can cause the player to become sick. As the player's sickness bar rises their movement becomes slower and slower. Once the player's sickness bar has reached its limit, the player will start to lose health. The only way to cure sickness is to wait until all of the sickness has sickness has gone away. It is best to prevent doing activities that will make the player sick or to try to refrain from doing such activities. This is sometimes impossible as the player may have to complete these activities to survive.

Temperature Edit

This game has a global temperature that is maintained while the game is in play. Each day has a randomized high and low temperature. At night, the temperature reaches its lowest point and during the day the temperature reaches its highest point. If the player is exposed to the cold or hot for too long, the player will been to lose health and will need to be warmed or cooled appropriately. The player can warm up by coming next to a fire.

Stamina Edit

Stamina is a stat that allows the player to run. While the player is running, stamina will fall. If the player walks, stamina will slowly rise and if the player doesn't move at all then the stamina will raise quickly. The reduction of stamina will improve the more a player walks and runs and will eventually come to a point where the player no longer loses stamina when moving.